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Travel Vaccinations

Travel vaccinations do vary in cost but are usually around £40-50. We offer all travel vaccinations and are a registered yellow fever centre.  For your specific vaccination needs please see the following website:

Vaccination Requirements:

  • Hepatitis A requires a single vaccination for 1 years protection. If you have a booster within a year you are protected for 10years.
  • Hepatitis B requires 3 vaccinations to provide lifelong immunity. Some people require a booster at 5 years. The 3 injections are usually given.
  • Typhoid is one injection which lasts 3 years.
  • Most people are covered for tetanus through the course of immunisations they had as a child, however if you have a nasty injury or an animal bite a booster is sometimes indicated. The booster gives you 10 years protection.
  • Meningitis A, C, Y & W is a once only vaccination.
  • Cholera requires 2 oral doses (purchased as a single unit) taken 2-3 weeks apart. Protection lasts for 2 years.
  • Rabies requires 3 vaccinations to provide life-long immunity. Further booster injections may be required for high risk areas/professions e.g. vets. The 3 injections are usually given.
  • Japanese encephalitis requires 2 vaccinations apart and provides lifelong immunity.
  • Yellow fever is one injection and is currently licensed to cover you for 10 years although this may change in the future.